Oh my wow, It's been 3 whole years since I've visited this wiki, 3 YEARS! Now, I've seen fanfics, art, cancer (my old account), and other random stuff on this wiki, but recently, nothing has really happened.. I expected to find this community active when I came back, yet I was welcomed with several month old blog posts and profiles that obviously hadn't been logged into in a long time.

its sad, believe me, i know.

Anyway, I've been thinking long and hard about Rio 3. So hard that I've started going into discussion boards (like this one) and searching for ANY data on Rio 3. I've been looking at the Box Office (They made $400 Million on Rio 2 if you're wondering) and the movies have done surprisingly well! My only question is, if they made a Billion dollars on this series, (I'm rounding the Box Office, Merchandise, and other crap like that) why haven't they made a third movie? Like I said earlier, I've searched through many websites, and I happened to come across some article that mentioned Carlos having a few ideas for another movie, along with the cast aswell! Just like me, I'm sure thousands of fans from around the world will cry if they see a trailer on TV.. Hopefully that will happen some day..

So, I want to know everyone's thoughts on a Rio 3. What the plot should be, whether or not they should add more characters to the story? Tell me! 

Side Note - Director Carlos said something about how the audience received Rio 2 would reflect onto a Rio 3.. If you take just 10 minutes and go off of this blog, you will see so many people hating on Rio 2 and saying crap about it that could affect our chances at another movie. I really want a 3rd movie to come out, and (this is a rare occurance, so bare with me) I really hope the director doesn't care about everyone's opinions and goes for the money. I know that sounds crazy, but honestly, money could be the only thing keeping this project alive. Idk, tell me what ya think.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this!

-James C. Edwardsen

p.s. Felipe is my favourite character ^-^