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Trapped Bird
Background information
Feature films Rio
Video games Angry Birds Rio
Voice Tom Wilson
Character information
Species Shining Honeycreeper
Gender Male
Feather/Hair/Skin color Blue body (Rio)
Purple body (Angry Birds Rio)
Eyes Black
Friends Blu
Red Bird
Blue Bird
Yellow Bird
Black Bird
White Bird
Boomerang Bird
Big Brother Bird
Orange Bird
Mighty Eagle
Enemies Nigel
The Smugglers
Fate Living
Quote "Hey, birdy. Let me out! Let me out! LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!"

The Trapped Bird is a Shining Honeycreeper that was captured by the smugglers and placed in a cage that was overcrowded with small yellow birds.

He was first seen when Blu and Jewel are placed by Fernando with the other captured birds in the smuggler's den.

He was last seen in the cargo plane, captured together with Blu and Jewel. When Blu escapes and frees Jewel, Rafael, Nico and Pedro, the cage the Trapped Bird is in is pushed off it's crate, hitting the ground, and the impact caused him to pop out through one of the gaps. He and the other birds then fly out of the plane, leaving Blu and Jewel to face the final face off with Nigel.

He is also seen in Angry Birds Rio but has purple feathers instead of blue for unknown reasons.


In Rio he is dark blue, with black eye rings with gray feet and beak. In Angry Birds Rio, for unknown reasons, his feathers are purple instead of blue.



  • In Angry Birds Rio, for unknown reasons, he has purple feathers instead of blue.
  • His only lines are "Hey, birdy. Let me out! Let me out! LET ME OUTTA HERE!" and "I'm out!".
  • He isn't a rare species, but he may have been captured for his cute appearance.

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