Tijuca Forest 1001

Tijuca Forest

The Tijuca Forest is a hand-planted Rainforest in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It was created after the previous forest had been lost to coffee farms. Major Manuel Gomes Archer undertook the replanting in the late 19th century, in order to protect Rio's water supply. It holds the Vista Chinesa.

In 1961, the forest was declared a national park.[1]

Movie Appearance

In Rio, at the beginning, Blu was hatched as the birds were sing "Real in Rio", as he was about to fly, the birds, including himself were captured by smugglers, who were taking to Minnesota, Moose Lake. After returning, Blu and Jewel wander through the forest after escaping from Nigel and The Smugglers. They rest for the night in the Vista Chinesa. The next morning, they encounter Rafael and his family. Rafael offers to take them to Luiz, and leads them out of the forest to near the Pedra Bonita Gliding Ramp, where he attempts to teach Blu how to fly. It is also seen during "Real in Rio," when the Spix's Macaw Family are flying over Rio.


  • "Tijuca" means "marsh" in the Tupi language.
  • The forest is where Blu was born.
  • Rafael, Eva, and their kids live there.


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