The Golden Conures
Background information
Feature films Rio
Rio 2
Video games
Voice N/A
Character information
Species Golden Conure
Gender Male/Female
Alias N/A
Feather/Hair/Skin color Yellow plumage
Eyes Bottle green
Friends N/A
Enemies Loggers
Fate Living

The golden conures are cameo characters featured in Rio and Rio 2.



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Three baby conures and their mother appear in the beginning of the movie. The babies are shown in a nest, all with yellow feathers, with brown eyes, and white bellies. The mother is the same, but with blue eyes and a lighter beak. Two of the three are shown flying, which the two smash into each other, and then fly up again. It is unclear whether the macaw chicks were caught or not. Later, a yellow chick is seen in a cage during Nigel's song. Also, when Blu rescues the birds, three Golden Conures fly out of the plane.

Rio 2

Sad macaw
When Blu is flying through the Amazon after freeing Linda and Tulio from being tied up to a tree, he sees many birds flying away, fleeing from something. It is a bulldozer driven by one of the loggers, devastating the jungle, and going in the direction of a tree where a Golden Conure mother is nesting, bearing five eggs. She is terrified, unable to flee and leave her eggs behind. Blu flies to the logger and takes off the bulldozer's key, preventing the man driving it from destroying the tree with the Conure mother inside.



Rio 2

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