The Birdhouse
Background information
Type Birdhouse
Location Blu Bird Sanctuary, Rio de Janeiro
Inhabitants Spix's Macaw Family

The Birdhouse is the home of Blu, Jewel, and their children, Tiago, Bia and Carla. The birdhouse is located in the Blu Bird Sanctuary, not far from Linda and Tulio's house.

It consists of one large room in the middle for Blu and Jewel, and three smaller rooms for the kids around it. The left room belongs to Carla, the upper room belongs to Tiago, the right room belong to Bia. Carla's room has its entrance closed by a no parking sign ("E" from "estacionar").


  • The sign of a letter "E" with a line through it on the entrance to Carla's room means Proibido Estacionar, which translates to No Parking in Portuguese.
    • This is perhaps a joke about Blu's domestic habits by Blue Sky, since there would be no way for a car to park on the birdhouse.
  • Jewel promised Blu that their family will spend summers in Rio de Janeiro. This heavily implies that they'll be using the Birdhouse as their summer home.


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