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Spix's Macaw Tribe
Background information
Feature films Rio 2
Video games
Character information
Species Spix's Macaws
Gender Males and Females
Feather/Hair/Skin color
Friends Eduardo (leader)
Tulio Monteiro
Red Macaw Tribe
Enemies Big Boss
Felipe (formerly)
Red Macaw Tribe (formerly)

The Spix's Macaw Tribe is a group of Blue Spix's Macaws living deep in the Amazon. The tribe is lead by Eduardo, Jewel's father. In Rio 2, Blu and his family embark on a trip to the Amazon in hopes of finding the tribe, proving that they are not the last of their species.


Rio 2

In Rio 2, the first part of the plot focuses around Blu and Jewel's attempts to locate the Spix's Macaw Tribe. Upon hearing a TV report in which Linda and Tulio reveal they are searching for a group of Spix's Macaws living in the jungle, Blu, Jewel, and their children set out on a journey to the Amazon to locate the tribe. He doesn't even allow Spix' Macaw members to leave the tribe (he also told Blu to leave his fanny pack because he was joining the tribe).

Upon arriving at the Amazon, the family of macaws, along with Nico, Pedro, and Rafael, are ambushed by a group of Spix's Macaws in disguise, who take them to the tribe's home. There, Blu and his family discover Eduardo, Jewel's long-lost father and leader of the tribe. They also reunite with Jewel's aunt Mimi, who is an adviser to Eduardo, and Roberto, Jewel's childhood friend. The tribe then celebrates Jewel's return together, singing "Beautiful Creatures." Eduardo is shown to be very protective of the tribe and their lifestyle, avoiding humans and disliking them and their creations. He even confiscates Nico's bottle cap hat, saying that no human things are allowed in the tribe.

At first, Eduardo tries to assimilate Blu into the tribe by "shaking that city off" of him, and attempts to teach him the basics of jungle survival. Eduardo shows Blu the Brazil Nut grove, which is the most important food source for the macaws. During their training, they run into the Red Macaw tribe, the enemies of the Spix's Macaws, led by Felipe. Then, when a group of loggers passes below, Eduardo learns about Blu's history as a human "companion," revealing his hostility towards humans.

As time goes on, Blu seems to have a harder and harder time adapting to the tribe. Once, while in search of Brazil Nuts for Jewel, he accidentally trespasses on the Red Macaws' territory, accidentally causing war between the two tribes. It is revealed in the Pit of Doom that the two tribes settle their disputes via a soccer-like game, which is unfortunately lost due to Blu, forcing the Spix Macaws to give up the entire Brazil Nut grove.

Near the end of the movie, Blu rallies the Spix's Macaw Tribe to fight back against the humans, eventually driving out the loggers with the help of the Scarlet Macaws. In the final scenes of the movie, it is shown that Eduardo has now accepted Blu as a member of the tribe, despite his domestic habits. The Spix's Macaw family agrees to join the tribe and live in the Amazon.

Named Members

The tribe also consists of many other Spix's macaws.


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