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Scaredy Bird
Background information
Feature films Rio
Video games
Voice Justine Warwick
Character information
Species Honey Creeper
Gender Female
Feather/Hair/Skin color Cyan masking
Blue body
Scarlet talons
Eyes Pale green
Friends N / A
Enemies Nigel
Fate Living
Quote N / A

The Scaredy Bird is one of the smuggled birds imprisoned in the smuggler's hideout of Marcel, Tipa, Armando, and Nigel.

She is a Shining Honeycreeper that appeared for a very short period of time in the film. She was reluctantly forced to pick out a small piece of meat stuck on Nigel's lower mandible. As she was reaching her talon out toward the piece of meat, she was frightened by Nigel who suddenly closed his beak, intending to bite off her talon. Luckily, her foot was still intact.

In the Angry Birds Rio Mashup video she was replaced by the Blue Bird.