Salvador, Rio 2

Blu, his family and friends leaving Salvador.

Salvador is the capital of the Brazilian state of Bahia. Blu leads everyone to this coastal city on their journey to the Amazon.

About the City

Salvador was founded by the Portuguese in 1549 and became the first capital of Brazil ever. It is one of the oldest colonial cities in the Americas. The Pelourinho District, found in Northern Salvador, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985 for its well-reserved Portuguese colonial architecture and historical monuments. It is now a tourist attraction with many famous architectural structures all over the city.

In the Movie

Jewel showing correct way, Salvador

Jewel shows Blu the correct direction to the Amazon.

From Brasilia, Blu takes everyone to Salvador, not much closer to the Amazon. As seen to the right, Jewel rotates the GPS in Blu's grip and points in the "correct" way to the Amazon. Everyone then leaves Salvador off to Mato Grosso, the next destination.

Salvador2 3500290b

Salvador in real life.


beach of Salvador.

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