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Rio 2 Tiago, Bia, Carla

Tiago Gunderson
Background information
Feature films Rio
Rio 2
Video games
Voice Pierce Gagnon
Character information
Species Spix's Macaw
Gender Male
Alias Little Bird
Tiago Gunderson
Feather/Hair/Skin color Blue Body
Gray Beak
Eyes Hazel
Friends Blu (father)
Jewel (mother)
Bia (sister)
Carla (sister)
Eduardo (grandfather)
Mimi (great-aunt)
Toucan Kids
Tulio Monteiro
Tiny (babysitter)
Enemies Nigel
Fate Living
Quote "We're going to the Amazon!"

Tiago is the only son of Blu and Jewel. He has two older sisters named Bia and Carla. He is the youngest of Blu and Jewel's chicks. He is voiced by Pierce Gagnon in Rio 2.


Tiago is a happy-go-lucky, brave, free-loving, very agile chick, who loves going on adventures. A trouble maker, Tiago is adventurous and free-spirited. He appears to have little manners, shown when he takes Bia's book, when he burps after drinking soda, and when he farts while relaxing in a bird-sized jacuzzi in Roberto's nest.

Tiago is the youngest of the kids by three minutes, and the only boy. If something needs to be blown up or destroyed, he is the one to go to. Always up for adventure, Tiago quickly becomes right at home exploring the wild. He is mischievous and a soccer fanatic. He tends to interrupt his sisters, as shown in the first teaser trailer, the New Year's countdown video, and the "Beautiful Creatures" video where his sisters are dancing together and he comes in between them.


Tiago is a skinny young chick who looks exactly like his father, including his "hair" style, but he has ten dark blue feathers, like Jewel, and they stick up. He also has downy feathers that stick up on the back of his neck and on his chest. He has dark blue feathers, lighter blue facial markings, light grey feet, dark grey beak, and brown eyes that are the same hazel-brown color as his sister's. He has the second largest wings, despite being the youngest of his brood. Despite how much they look alike, Tiago prefers to hang out with Jewel, rather than Blu. Being the youngest, he is the smallest and shortest. 


Tiago in Rio
Emiemi345Added by Emiemi345
Blu and jewel with chicks by jharuccaninja04-d3h92c1
Tiago (left), speculated as Roma, and his family.
HarpyPurioAdded by HarpyPurio

It was once speculated that the younger version of Tiago shown at the end of Rio (due to his significant difference in appearance) was a different chick named Roma, from a different brood of hatchlings. There, Roma was singing "Real in Rio" with his family. He had brown eyes (darker than Achez), and deep-blue feathers. This second brood was presumed to leave the nest in Rio 2.

This was later confirmed to be false by director Carlos Saldanha.


  • Tiago has ten dark blue feathers on his head, just like his mother.
  • Tiago is the only chick that is flexible enough to do the worm and spin on his head.
  • Tiago is the smallest of his brood, and his wings are the second smallest (after Bia).
  • Tiago tries to get close to Carla, but she is too headstrong to play along.
  • Tiago prefers to hang out with his mother.
  • In the 2013 promo poster, he is seen on the right of Bia.
  • In one of the posters for Rio 2, he is seen wearing a baseball cap and using a leaf as a paddle.
  • Tiago is seen wearing goggles in both the first trailer and a promotional still.
  • Tiago was originally going to be called "Bobby", but his name was changed to Tiago.
  • Tiago seems likes to tie a spider onto a string and scare his father awake, along with a few other chicks.
  • He enjoys being around Roberto, waterskiing with him, and learning flying tricks from him.
  • Tiago enjoys watching TV in Linda and Tulio's cottage, along with both of his siblings.
  • Tiago, and both his siblings, run away from their great-aunt Mimi when she tries to hug them.


  • Dancing
  • Flexibility, which he gets from his father
  • Lighting a match
  • Balance
    • Tiago can balance blueberries on his beak.
  • Flying
  • Water Skiing


  • "This is gonna be awesome!"
  • "Here's my vision: Boom! Pow! Bang! KAPOW!"
  • "Here we go!"
  • "Dad..."
  • "Dad, you're in denial"
  • "...has to stick together."
  • "Oh dad! Looking for this?"
  • "Heads up dad!"
  • "Like this? Dad showed us!"
  • "Yeah! Woo hoo! We're going to the Amazon!"
  • "Wait... what's the Amazon?"
  • "Woo, this is great!"
  • "Yeah!"
  • "Woah, cool! I'll be in charge of this!
  • "It wasn't me!"
  • "Aw, that's sick!"
  • "It's so cool, it has six rooms!"
  • "I get the big room!"
  • "No way! You got a bird bath!?"
  • "Jacuzzi."
  • "Can you sing it again?"
  • "Farts."
  • "Awesome."
  • "Thanks, dad!"


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