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Roberto's Nest
Background information
Type Nest
Location Amazon Rainforest
Inhabitants Roberto, Blu (temporarily), Jewel (temporarily), Bia (temporarily), Carla (temporarily), Tiago (temporarily)

Roberto's Nest is a location in Rio 2. The nest is home to Roberto, and he lets Blu, Jewel, Bia, Carla, and Tiago sleep in there temporarily when they arrive at the tribe's location in the Amazon.

It is located in the hollow trunk of a tree and is quite large, containing six bedrooms, a bird bath, and is decorated all over by flowers and various plants. According to Roberto, he built it himself.


When Blu, Jewel, and their kids arrive at the Amazon, Roberto offers to let them stay in his nest, pointing out that he would be on patrol that night. Jewel gratefully accepts the offer, but Blu is not very fond of the idea, thinking it must be a "little bachelor pad." When Roberto shows them the place, however, Blu is surprised by the size, and Jewel is very impressed. The kids are particularly amazed by the size, and fight over who gets the biggest room before Tiago plays in the bird bath. Roberto departs for his patrol leaving the family to do as they will. That night, the kids are put to sleep by Jewel, who sings them a lullaby, "Don't Go Away."

The next day, Tiago wakes up Blu by scaring him with a spider before Eduardo visits the nest to see his daughter and new son-in-law. In the days that follow, the family continues to sleep in the nest.


  • At the ending credits, Blu is seen in a tree hollow with Jewel and his children. The family could have moved in with Roberto, moved into the nest and Roberto made another one, or made their home in a different hollow. It is unknown which is which.


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