Rio Music Score by John Powell

Rio Original Motion Picture Score. Music by John Powell.

The film score of Rio was composed by Academy Award nominee composer John Powell. The soundtrack was released on June 23rd, 2011 by Varèse Sarabande Records.

Track list

Track Title Length
Morning Routine 2:23
Meet Tulio 2:55
Great Big Momma Bird 2:47
Paradise Concern 1:59
Bagged and Missing 2:09
Locked Up 2:10
Chained Chase 2:35
Bedtime Flyers 2:58
Idiot Glider 1:56
Juicy Little Mango 2:27
Umbrellas of Rio 2:27
Motorbike 1:23
Bird Fight 1:03
Birds Moved 2:33
Heimlich 2:31
Birdnapped 3:37
Rio Airport 4:24
Flying 2:43
Forro Da Fruta 2:11