Rio Deleted Scene is a deleted scene from an early version of Rio storyboard, found on the DVD/BluRay release. The scene was never animated and was only in form of individual sketches. The scene takes place shortly after Blu, Jewel and Rafael arrive at the marketplace before they meet Nico and Pedro. Jewel smells the food from the fruit stand and starts eating some fruit. Blu is distressed by Jewel's wild eating habits. Jewel offers him some, but he refuses, preferring fruit-flavoured food, and speaks of the worms they could contract from the fruit. Jewel persists, and Blu ends up falling face-first into the fruit. The taste causes Blu go into a spasm of ecstasy, and he asks for more. Jewel and Rafael toss him all kinds of fruit. The scene ends with Blu missing a piece, which splatters on his face. That was in the original Rio.

Deleted Scene

Rio - Deleted Scene01:20

Rio - Deleted Scene

Rio deleted scene story sequences

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