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Rio the junior novle
Rio: The Junior Novel
Publication Details
Author Lexa Hillyer
Release Date February 22, 2011
Publisher Harper Collins
ISBN 00602022695
Language English
Number of pages 144
Publication Order
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Rio: The Junior Novel is a written version of the animated film Rio, with six pages in the middle of the book with one sentence about each character of the film. The book is aimed at the age range of 8-12 (third grade-seventh grade).

About the Book

Rio the Junior Novel is a more informed story about the film which gives the reader a better description of the film with more words and sometimes even some words in the Portuguese language. There are 17 chapters in the book, which gives the reader an easier understanding of what is going on in the story.

Additional/Diverging Content

The book has scenes and information that are sometimes slightly different or even absent in the movie (and vice-versa):

  • Blu is already awake in the opening scene, and the narration reveals that he is newly hatched. He is briefly afraid when he starts dancing, thinking his nest is vibrating as he shakes his butt.
  • The poachers' arrival is heralded by the rumbling of trucks and jeeps.
  • Before she finds Blu, the young Linda is wishing and hoping for "the perfect present."
  • The truck carrying Blu lurches on some snow. It is this that flings the crate containing Blu out onto the street, rather than swerving at a stoplight.
  • Some of Blu and Linda's life together is revealed in the narration, such as Linda starting to give Blu his medicine when she was eight, and letting him help to blow out her birthday candles when she was ten.
  • Alice & Chloe do not appear.
  • Blu uses his wing rather than his foot for his and Linda's "fist bump."
  • Blu and Linda are playing Jenga when Tulio arrives (which Linda wins).
  • Tulio reveals that he managed to track Blu down via a video Linda posted of him doing a silly trick.
  • Tulio's attempt to help Blu to fly happens before he explains about travelling to Brazil.
  • Blu does not use Christmas lights on the "runway" as he attempts to fly, causing him to bounce off several shelves and fall on the floor instead, with Linda being revealed to have watched him the whole time.
  • When Nico and Pedro offer to break Blu out of his carrier, he politely refuses, and they leave it at that.
  • Blu does not interact with Nigel in the treatment room.
  • Tulio's assistant has clumps of hair missing, in addition to the scratches and bruises Jewel gave him.
  • Blu remarks on Jewel's beauty out loud when he first sees her.
  • Jewel doesn't use Portuguese when she threatens Blu.
  • Jewel pushes Blu away when he tries to kiss her.
  • After Linda and Tulio leave for dinner, Jewel strangles Blu. Blu suggests she'd like him if she got to know him better. Jewel replies "Not if you were the last Spix's Macaw on Earth!" Blu retorts that he is, and explains his reason for being there to her.
  • Blu follows telling Jewel that she can trust humans by adding that he trusts Linda.
  • At dinner, Linda mentions how "incredible" the restaurant is. Tulio replies that it is probably like the restaurants in Moose Lake. Instead of poultry, the chefs offer Linda the meat dishes picanha and linguica.
  • After receiving word that Blu and Jewel had been kidnapped, Linda reflects on how Blu is "her whole world," and with him gone, she has nothing.
  • Tipa asks Fernando if he has a "houseplant" rather than a goldfish.
  • After getting his money, Fernando buys some food before sitting on the rooftop. He stops eating after finding Blu's feather on his back, overcome with guilt.
  • Armando and Tipa's fingers are said to be covered in bandages from their previous attempts to feed Nigel.
  • Instead of being pushed to the front of the cage by his fellows, the Scaredy Bird is actually the only one brave enough to try to pick the meat out of Nigel's beak.
  • Instead of singing, Nigel talks to Blu and Jewel about how hard it is to make something ugly beautiful, but that making a beautiful thing ugly can happen "just like that." He follows up by holding his claw in front of Jewel's face, prompting Blu to tell him to leave her alone.
  • When Blu asks Jewel if she's okay, she nods silently. She then grabs two of the cage's bars and starts swinging it from side to side.
  • Blu uses his wing to unlatch the cage rather than his beak.
  • After the fall, Blu is briefly overwhelmed by the crowd of people around them.
  • When Blu mentions that there are forty species of flightless birds, Jewel snaps "And you're not one of them!"
  • Blu and Jewel don't end up in a bucket as they tumble through the family's home. Armando and Tipa follow them, and the family don't even notice.
  • Blu and Jewel don't slide down the roofs of Rio at the end of the chase.
  • The scene with Nigel and the chickens does not occur.
  • In the jungle, Blu briefly recalls his old nest when he looks up at a tree.
  • Once they reach the top of the gazebo, Jewel is exhausted, and her feathers are ruffled.
  • Rio de Janeiro, still powerless from Nigel's collision with the transformer, powers back on before Blu and Jewel's eyes.
  • Armando and Tipa don't try passing off two painted chickens as Blu and Jewel.
  • Two of Rafael and Eva's kids are named as Rita and Miguel.
  • When Blu and Jewel fall to the ground, the chick next to them says "Kill them!" rather than "Attack!"
  • Instead of sarcastically saying "precious, aren't they?" regarding the Toucan kids, Jewel tells Rafael "Seems like you're in a little over your head."
  • Rafael calls Eva his "mango muffin" while Eva calls him her "coconut cupcake."
  • Mauro is first shown wearing a large coat, filled with stolen things, making him look bigger than he is.
  • Blu, Jewel and Rafael hitch a ride on a coconut truck.
  • Nico briefly flirts with Jewel, who rolls her eyes.
  • Blu doesn't have a flashback before he starts to dance.
  • Rafael only points out that Jewel likes Blu after she sings.
  • The Samba Club has an actual roof, rather than a tarp, which the Marmosets break through when they arrive.
  • Kipo is stated to be the owner of the Samba Club.
  • During the fight against the marmoset, Mauro tosses Blu aside, sending him into the air, and Jewel with him. Jewel hits another marmoset, knocking him out, and the pair swing each other into more marmosets.
  • The sun has already set during the trolley ride to Luiz's. Jewel remarks on what a beautiful night it is. Blu agrees, leaning in for a kiss, and says that it's "perfect for..." Losing his nerve, he adds "for softball. Or tennis."
  • Blu gets a little closer to confessing his feelings to Jewel before choking on the petal.
  • The group arrive at Luiz's Garage immediately after Blu's failed confession.
  • As he watches Jewel fly with the others, Blu reflects on how he doesn't belong there, and isn't like the other birds.
  • The scene with Rafael talking to Blu is overlooked, with Nico ad Pedro coming to them immediately after Nigel snatches Jewel.
  • Linda laughs at Tulio in his blue macaw costume.
  • Instead of speaking aloud the idea that Rafael, Nico and Pedro will save them, Blu only thinks it.
  • Sylvio tells Linda and Tulio which way the smuggler's float is going.
  • Fernando manages to open Blu and Jewel's cage before being caught in the act by Nigel.
  • Instead of using a fire extinguisher, Blu ties a bungee cord to his cage, then cuts the cord connecting the cage to the others, causing it to fly off into the wall and break open.
  • Instead of being broken due to a cage landing on it, Jewel's wing is broken when Nigel throws her against the plane's wall.
  • Blu gets rid of Nigel by tying a cargo strap around his leg, then kicking him into the cargo door. The door opens, and Nigel is sucked into the engine.
  • Blu doesn't flash back to falling out of his nest when he jumps after Jewel.
  • The Smugglers all have their own parachutes, as opposed to Marcel taking the only one.
  • Blu is the one who kisses Jewel, and he makes a conscious decision to fly, rather than it happening by instinct.
  • Blu and Jewel's chicks have already been born by the time Jewel has healed.
  • Eva briefly sings, and is so bad that the other birds stop singing, with one throwing a piece of fruit at her. Rafael then remarks that her singing is an "acquired taste."
  • Tulio tries to communicate with the birds, with one of Blu and Jewel's chicks calling him "crazy."
  • Nigel is not shown to have survived his encounter with the plane's engine.
  • No mention is made of the Smugglers after they jump out of the plane, leaving it unclear whether they were arrested for their crimes.

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