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RIO 2 app by Cupcake Digital, Inc
RIO 2 (mobile application) (ver.1.0.1)
Background information
Developers Cupcake Digital
Blue Sky Studios
20th Century Fox
Publisher Cupcake Digital
Characters Blu
Supported Platforms Android

RIO 2 (The Official App for the Movie)00:56

RIO 2 (The Official App for the Movie)


RIO 2 app 3 wild games
RIO 2 is a mobile application launched by Cupcake Digital, inc. based on its featured Rio 2. It's the official app for the movie developed under the partnership with 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios. This application will guide you through the journey of Blu and his friends and family with colorful images and original fun-filled games based on the movie.

The application supports both the Android devices and iOS. The feature inside includes the following.

  • Narrated story of Rio 2 featuring your favorite characters
  • 5-Level Sky Soccer game
  • Whack a Monkey game
  • Fruit Crusher
  • Characters coloring

Characters Coloring

Paint colouring pages into fantastic masterpieces using a variety of tools and stickers


Sky Soccer

Play all 5 levels trying to give goals with Blu

RIO 2 app Sky Soccer

Fruit Crusher

Match tropical fruits to win points

Whack a Monkey

Tap away at those pesky monkeys,but avoid Luiz(the nice doggie!)

See Also

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