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Pit of Doom


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The players of Spix's Macaw Tribe.

Pit of Doom is a place in the Amazon that the red and blue macaw tribes use as a soccer stadium. It is a large pit of rocks containing a lake in the middle, with piranha living in it. Vegetation grows around the rocks. It is featured in Rio 2.


The rock walls around the pit are used by the macaws as seating areas, where both tribes watch the game. Soccer games take place inside the pit, where the birds fly around, bouncing and kicking a brazil nut (which is used as a soccer ball). The tribes have a game narrator (tapir), a commentator (porcupine) and a referee (bare-faced curassow). Female Macaws also mark their tribe's score with Brazil nuts.

The tribes take soccer matches very seriously, to the point of referring to them as "wars." They also play to decide who has control of and foraging rights to the Brazil nut grove, which is where the majority of the nuts that both tribes feed upon grow. Since Blu disobeyed the rules by trying to take a nut from the red macaw's tribe, the pit of doom war has begun.

Known Players


  • In Rio 2: The Junior Novel, the score keepers used red and blue berries to keep score for their tribe instead of the brazil nuts used in the film.
  • During the Pit of Doom scene in Rio 2, the song Bola Viva was being played.


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