Rio (movie) wallpaper - Pedra Bonita Paragliding Ramp


Pedra Bonita Gliding Ramp
Background information
Type Gliding Ramp
Level ~700m above sea level
Location São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Inhabitants N/A

Pedra Bonita is one of the peaks of the Tijuca and is situated next to the Pedra da Gávea, about 700 meters. In Rio, the ramp is seen for a very short period of time during the scene where Rafael was trying to teach Blu how to fly on the edge of a cliff close to the ramp. He and Jewel end up landing over a glider and Blu experiences the feeling of flying. At the end of the movie, Linda and Tulio are also seen flying in hangliders, which they presumably got from the ramp.


This place is benefited from an exceptional panoramic view of the South American city of Rio, situated between lush forests and the ocean. You can even practice paragliding or hang glider if you want thanks to the flight ramp. The ramp is 507 meters above sea level and was specifically designed for paragliding and hang gliding take-offs, serving as an overheaded roof for the seating underneath.

Gliding at Pedra Bonita

Once you take-off from the ramp, it is a completely different world up there in the sky, wherein you experience one of the greatest moments spent in Rio de Janeiro. The flight's duration is from 7 to 20 minutes - depending on the wind's condition and passenger's weight - and ends at Pepino Beach, 2 kilometers to southeast of the ramp, on either sand or grass.

Traveling Course

When you visit this place you take a path that leads to the top of Pedra Bonita, walking through the rain forest for about 45 minutes. The ramp is approximately 30 minutes from Copacabana District in the east. The ramp is accessible by vehicle. Alternative is a lift service from the locals around the paragliding club office with low-price charge, even free in some occasions.


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