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Real in Rio parrots

Peach-fronted parakeet
Background information
Taxonomy Birds
Status Least Concern
Range Endemic to Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay
Feathers, fur Green body
Peach colored at the Forehead
yellow crown
Slightly blue at the Supercilium
Black beak

The Peach Fronted Parakeet (Eupsittula aurea) is a species of bird in Rio. The peach fronted parakeet is also more commonly known as the Peach Fronted Conure in aviculture.


This bird is 10 inches (26 cm) long, and has green plumage with blue flight feathers and with a peach crown and yellow eye rings.


It is widespread and often common in semi-open and open habitats in eastern Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Northern Argentina, and southern suriname.


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