Ancient Spix's Macaw
Old Bird
Background information
Feature films Rio 2
Video games
Voice Jason Harris
Character information
Species Spix's Macaw
Gender Male
Feather/Hair/Skin color Blue body
Gray beak
Eyes Brown
Fate Living
Quote "Watch and learn, water boy."

Old Bird is a member of the Spix's Macaw Tribe. As his name suggests, he is a very old bird.


Old Bird first appears during the soccer match between the Spix's and Red Macaw Tribes at the Pit of Doom. When one of the Spix's macaw tribe's players is injured, Eduardo picks him over Blu to get into the game. The Old Bird steps forward, but falls off the edge of the cliff.

He is later seen when Blu rallies the tribe against the loggers. He is the first to say he's with Blu, but falls off the tree branch he was perching on.


In keeping with his title, the Old Bird looks very old, with scraggly, bedraggled feathers, and a thin, wiry head crest. He has brown eyes, and a few patches of skin are visible from where his feathers have started to fall out with age. The feathers also seem to be graying. He is scrawny looking and is also very short; he has most likely shrunk with age.


Since he is older and frailer than the other birds, he can be clumsy and he is not very intelligent. Although he has a level of confidence in his abilites; When he was asked by Eduardo to join the soccer team, he tells Blu "watch and learn water boy!" but falls off the cliffside immediately after. However, he is friendly and cheerful, saying " I'm with you!" when Blu rallies the tribe, but falls out of the tree.


  • Old Bird: "Watch and learn, water boy!"
  • Old Bird: "Aaah!"
  • Old Bird: "I'm with ya!"


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