Neurotic Bird
Background information
Feature films Rio
Video games
Voice Cindy Slattery
Character information
Species Peach-Fronted Parakeet
Gender Female
Feather/Hair/Skin color Green body
Gray beak
Eyes Brown
Friends Blu
Enemies Nigel
Fate Living
Quote "I'm a pretty bird! I'm a pretty bird! Whose a pretty bird? I'm a pretty bird! Ahahaha!"

The Neurotic Bird is a Peach-Fronted Parakeet that was captured by the Smugglers.


Her imprisonment seemed to have made her insane, as all she did was run around her cage, constantly repeating "Who's a pretty bird? I'm a pretty bird" and laughing maniacally (though it may partially have been caused by Nigel´s harassment). This phenomenon is called Stereotypic Behavior and is very common on captive animals, specially when they have little room to move. It is a way to cope with the situation. She was later released from her cage by Jewel, and flew out of the Smuggler's Plane with the other birds.


The Neurotic Bird is mainly light green with brown eyes. With a tuft if orange on her head. With Black feet and Talons.


The Neurotic bird seems like a maniac, running up and down the cage like she was crazy. She also seems to mock Nigel when she says "Who's a pretty bird. I'm a pretty bird! Haha!".


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