State of Minnesota
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L’Étoile du Nord (French: The Star of the North)


The North Star State
Land of 10,000 Lakes
The Gopher State
The Bread and Butter State
The Wheat State
New England of the West




St. Paul

Largest city


Largest metro area

Minneapolis-Saint Paul


Flag of Minnesota


Seal of Minnesota

Minnesota is the 32nd state of the United States of America. It has several nicknames, such as the Land of 10,000 Lakes and The North Star State. Before the beginning of Rio, Blu and Linda lived in a book store called Blue Macaw Books in the town of Moose Lake, Minnesota. The twelfth largest state of the U.S., it is the twenty-first most populous, with 5.3 million residents. Minnesota was carved out of the eastern half of the Minnesota Territory and admitted to the Union as the thirty-second state on May 11, 1858. Also known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, the state's name comes from a Dakota word for "sky-tinted water". Those waters, together with forests, parks, and wilderness areas, offer residents and tourists a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities.

Nearly 60% of Minnesota's residents live in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area known as the "Twin Cities", the center of transportation, business, industry and education, and home to an internationally known arts community. The remainder of the state consists of western prairies now given over to intensive agriculture; deciduous forests in the southeast, now cleared, farmed and settled; and the less populated North Woods, used for mining, forestry, and recreation.

Minnesota is known for its relatively liberal social and political orientation, and has a high rate of civic participation and voter turnout. Minnesota ranks among the healthiest states, and has a highly literate population. The large majority of residents are of Scandinavian and German descent. The state is known as a center of Scandinavian American culture. Ethnic diversity has increased in recent decades. Substantial influxes of African, Asian, and Latin American immigrants have joined the descendants of European immigrants and the original Native American inhabitants.

Minnesota is about 20 miles North-west from Blue Sky Studios, the creators of Rio. The state is also famous for its cheese.

It is very cold all year around. It's questionable how geese like Alice and Chloe can handle cold weather but they were Canadian geese, so they will likely be able to survive.

On average, Moose Lake can get as cold as 0-7 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. But there are some records that were so cold of making the weather -53 degrees.


  • Jewel jokingly called Minnesota, "Tiny-soda", while talking to Blu
  • In Minnesota, they say "cheese and sprinkles", as mentioned by Blu which confused all the other Brazillian birds which is why Blu said: "It's a Minnesota thing." afterwards.


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