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  • Sorrel.

    I... I see what happened... in the thread...

    Listen, we need to talk. But let's go to, so as not to air dirty laundry.

    On another note, however, as much as I can't believe I'm saying this, I must inform you that your actions on the ... thread could and should well earn you a block as well. You are my closest friend; you know I wouldn't do something like this to be cruel. But I did tell both you and Dante that whosoever posted would be blocked. And sadly, that includes you, not just him. I didn't want to say it in the thread itself, since I didn't want you to think I wasw turning against you. It's not like that, really. But I warned you both not to test me. If Dante had broken the silence first, I would have surely blocked him. I shouldn't be unfair or prejudiced.

    Also, you should not have deleted your comments. Neither Dante. I'm sorry if it was humiliating or etc., but it is important to keep these records. As evidence. A law official wouldn't take kindly to you disturbing a crime scene. Again, I shouldn't either.

    But, as fair as it may be, and my agressive side would want me to do so, I can't bring myself to do it. You have always been such a good friend. My principles say otherwise, but how can I betray a friend... I can't. Ican't get you in trouble for trying to do good. Two wrongs don't make a right.

    I am a bit disappointed, but I will forgive you. Listen, in the future, if a situation like this comes up, message me on and first get my approval before doing such a thing. Please, don't make me have to choose between my friends and my values.

    Wait for me, but don't act alone. You don't have to be alone.

    I won't let you be alone.


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    • But it's ​fine now. What's the point of a block or chat, when a) I'm not on wiki anymore, and b) that we've both forgiven each other? It's my fault, not his, so I get you think something should be done, but there is absolutely no need. I am fine, and I don't want or need to talk about this. It was a one-off incident that'll never happen again. And I deleted those comments to prevent embarrassment, since our rift was over. Please, just leave it alone. 

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  • Alright, sorry that this message came a little late. I was sorta distracted.

    Anyway, I need your advice on how to deal with Glitterofperfections. Judging from her work, her amazing grammar, her excellent conversations, etc., I think it's very clear that this is a little girl. I'm not talking a teen, I'm talking 4-6 years old. So many parents let their young kids everywhere on the internet, so it doesn't surprise me. I'm guessing her parents helped her make her account.

    So, how do we deal with her? She is kind of annoying at times, she never has anything interesting or helpful to say, she's made some edits which claim false things, she adds useless categories (what's a "mollymovie"...?), and she sometimes can't even use full sentences. Kids are adorable, don't get me wrong. But you wouldn't let one work in a business you ran, would you?

    Should we ban her? Or let her be? Perhaps a block? I wouldn't recommend one week either, since that's not really enough time to mature. She may grow to be wonderful person in the future. I believe all children have the chance to do so. But she is not much use around here, and is sometimes even a problem. What say you?

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    • These things happen, back in 2013 we had to deal with a lot of similar or worse cases (a lot of blockings) that´s why we have all those rules. In my opinion if she was already warned about her faults and keeps doing the same then we should block her for a week. @Tiago: If you feel uncomfortable blocking her I may do it if necessary.

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    • I agree with Sorrel. Let's just let her be, and if she becomes a liability, we'll deal with her. Until then, hopefully, she won't cause any trouble.

      Well then, we'll wrap this up for now, I suppose. Meeting adjourned.

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  • Hey man can you please remove one picture that is not rio picture please?I posted it by accident.

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  • It's time for you and Dante to settle this. Go to MY message wall, and read the newest message there, titled "Let's Settle This".

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  • Did you know about the Rio Awards coming up on Fanfiction?

    Hosted by Alex The Owl, it's an event to celebrate the year of Rio fanfiction. Categories include: Fanfic of the Year (self-explainatory), OC of the Year (self-explainatory), Author of the Year (obvious), Newcomer of the Year (any new authors who came this year who have made an impact on Fanfiction. I took the liberty of nominating you in the reviews since I've enjoyed your writing style and some of your stories), and Shocking moment of the Year (Split into 3 different rewards for shocking, funniest, and saddest. Any moment in any Rio fanfic this year that shocked you; scene could be comedic, heart-warming, tragic, etc.). No author can vote for themselves and I think this is a nice event to do to celebrate how Rio fanfiction has been growing (1K stories!). Just posting this to you to inform you and to show my support.   

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  • Purio, Sorrel... tell me,

    Do you think that the stupidest, craziest ideas in life... might just be the greatest?

    Listen, I'm thinking about a new idea... something big... something amazing... but I don't think I can do it myself. I need your guy's opinions, and advice. But this is a very private, very sensitive conversation. I can't post it somewhere as public as this wiki.

    Sorrel, I need to talk to you via PM in Fanfiction. Purio, I know that you said you don't write Fanfiction, but this is truly important, and Fanfiction is the easiest place to do this. Please, I don't want to waste time arguing about what the safest or fastest mode of communication is. Just please, for this once, Harpy, make a account and PM me. It is extremely easy all you need is a working email. Go to the site, sign up, then message me. I have a link to my Fanfiction profile in my user page here on the wiki. 

    If you are willing to help me, I need you to...

    1. Reply to this post so that I know you are onboard.

    2. PM me (after you make the account Harpy. Sorrel, I'll be waiting) a message with the subject t line "Lets do this" so that I know which message is the right one. I'll respond with a summary of my idea, and what I need.

    You two are the people I trust most. Please guys, II won't ask for much, but I need help. This is extremely important to me, and it could be big.

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  • It seems like I'll be going to London, UK this October on a 2-weeks short-term student cultural exhange program. Who knows, we, 2 editors, living thousands of kilometers apart, could meet in person!

    HarpyPurio-sig.png(message me) 14:05, August 26, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Alright, I've been negotiating with him, and relieved to say Dante has accepted the terms. We have both agreed to our faults in the argument, and hopefully we can turn a new leaf. I am lifting his block.

    Let's hope for peace now.

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  • Above the deforestation

    This file was uploaded by you in June.

    You recently said that you don't have a copy of Rio 2 yet, then how come you were able to upload tens of Rio 2 screenshots before this?

    HarpyPurio-sig.png(message me) 12:05, July 30, 2014 (UTC)

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  • I'm sorry I had to do it, but I gave DanteCM a year-long ban. A big punishment, true, but I am seriously fed up with his attitude, not to mention that he hasn't really done anything to contribute to this site (he claims everything is pretty much allright, I highly disagree. It is truly sad it had to come to this, but, my fellow users, you were witness, or can be one by simply reviewing the pages, to everything that he and I said. Here is what he messaged me on my Fanfiction account:

    "Yes this is Dante. I feel like we should address this away from the wiki where everyone else can get involved. I was gonna apologize to you, but I have a question to ask: So what are you sorry about? Are you sorry about: Dismissing my opinion and claiming yours is fact? Saying that I'm not understanding or reasonable despite never trashing your theory and trying to avoid using as much insults as I can to keep our discussion mature? Pushing this argument too far since YOU were the one to start it all? Refusing to listen to what I say? Making me look like the bad guy when you're just as guilty as me? Or all of the above?

    I was gonna apologize to you, but you just don't listen do you? Now before you attack back, just wait. This wasn't made to continue our fight. I just want to finally get everything off my chest before the peace offerings continue.

    You claim that my goal was to win the argument despite how I was trying to end it by saying we should apologise. I never wanted to fight you again. However, all of this started because of YOU, not me. You see, all of this started the moment you dismissed my EE theory as false. And to make matters worse, you called yours a fact. Despite the fact that your "evidence" was just an interpretation. You who else claimed to have evidence about something when it was just interpretation? Stefan Molyneux (Don't care how it's spelled) and his sexism "evidence". I tried to tell you that but you wouldn't listen. It's almost like YOU weren't understanding what I was trying to say to you. If anyone else is stubborn here, it's you for not listening to what I said.

    And what's worse is that you're trying to make it look like I'm the bad guy here and you're the innocent one. I've seen how you were talking to Harpy on how I was the criminal when you said it was also your fault. And do you want to know why it sounds like I get angrier and angrier? It's because arguing with you feels like I'm talking to a brick wall. You never listened to the important things I said in my posts, and you still pretend like it was never YOU who made our fight go down south. Had you understood what I was saying and addressed that, then maybe our argument wouldn't have gotten so ugly. Or better yet, Had you never talked down on my claim, then this would've never happened. What I was going through with the ban is like when a kid has to stay home from school due to being sick, and the bully goes to school and tarnishes the kids name while making himself look better by comparison. It's sickening to see how much of a hypocrite you really are. I'm unreasonable and I'm never understandable? Who was the one who claimed his theory was FACT and never understood that I WAS NEVER TALKING BAD about him? Who was the one who gets easily offended at me for accidentally doing something? And who is the one that tries to look like he's the good guy in front of "the boss" when he too is just as guilty?

    I never wanted this to be a competition. I wanted it to end as much as you. It's just that every time you reply to me, you either didn't answer what my question was, or YOU WOULD SOUND LIKE YOUR TONE WAS GETTING ANGRIER. Your replies sounded almost like taunts to me (Example lines that YOU said: I would like to see you try XD, I am starting to view your actions as a tantrum, you are wrong on 1 thing: this IS FACT, your argument is not valid evidence, you try to act all high and mighty (hypocrite), I tried not to dislike you, I still sorta do, everywhere in your message there is venom, you don't seem to want forgiveness, he doesn't seek to end an argument, he seeks to win it, that is the type of person we must watch out for, who seeks to escalate an argument (hypocrite), where their stubbornness is offending and insulting people (but yours doesn't count I see)). I'm not the kind of person that let's someone walk over me, and nearly every reply YOU sent to me was filled with just as much "venom" as mine.

    And what's the biggest taunt to me is how you unnecessarily banned me, then proceed to just talk with Harpy like you did a heroic thing. You didn't even sound like you felt bad for banning me, or even say that "I was also guilty in that argument". It's like you're trying to get everyone on your side now. Are you trying to end this argument, or just add salt to an already severely opened wound? Heck, you even convinced Sorrel that you're the good guy now. Just perfect.

    If you're gonna be sorry about all of this, then ADMIT THAT YOU'RE JUST AS GUILTY AS ME. This wasn't a one-sided argument that's in black and white, and you can tell one side was the hero and the other was the villain. We both had strong differing opinions, shot attacks at each other, both our shots had venom in it, we both used Sorrel in some way to help our arguments (I as a shield, and you to have someone defend you and ignore what you said to me), we're both guilty, but at least I have the guts to admit it. You however seem to try and act like you were victimized.

    Don't try to get Harpy, Sorrel, or anyone involved anymore. I just want this to end just as much as you, and I want to go back to living on the forums happily. I will apologise for everything that's happened once you admit and apologize for what YOU did. Do this, and I'm sure your blue parents and sisters will be proud of you. :) Deal?

    If your gonna deny ANY of this, I have evidence from what you typed up. So just fess up that you're just as bad as me, and we both can move on from this experience."

    It truly infuriates me to see all this, but alas, I cannot let someone like this on the wiki, not to mention waste my time.

    To Harpy: I don't care what he says about it being "personal", such is not the case. He made other users like me, you, and Sorrel mad as well. And plenty of people have seen the pages where we talked. I haven't seen anyone defend him and what he's saying. Something this PM only serves to prove. He can claim that we are being unfair all he wants, such is not the case. Birds, you guys have been with me for a long time. You know I would never treat or tak to a user as harshly or unfairly as he claims. You are right Harpy, this is simply pure ignorance, and he can complain all he wants, I hope that he can overcome it in the future.

    To Sorrel: Unfortunately, it seems Dante won't be giving that apology we were hoping for. Truly saddening. He claims to seek to end the arguement, yet he sends me rants like this. I don't care if he's letting off steam. If a man starts yelling about killing people in front of a cop, that cop ain't gonna care what his excuse is. Hopefully, like I said, we can reconcile in the future. Until then, Sorrel, you and I must work to try to keep the peace on this wiki.

    To everyone else: Like I said, let's hope this is an isolated case. Hopefully we can continue to recieve many other wonderful users in the future, and together, work to build a better wiki!

    Again, I regret this unfortunate turn of events. But it must be done. Let him complain all he wants (You're free to look at all the pages where we argued, to see what I am saying) but there is only one unfair person here, and it ain't us.

    I want peace. But someone with this kind of anger in their hearts does not truly seek peace.


    PS. What would you birds say to me doing a little wiki advertising on my Fanfiction stories? An extra user or two wouldn't hurt, now, would it? :)

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    • You know what? I'm glad you banned him for a year. He deserved it, if that's what he's gonna go about saying. I mean, what cheek! He can throw all his toys out of the pram, but he won't get what he wants. Who does he think he is? If he finds my fanfiction account and starts messaging me all this web of lies, I'm just going to block him from contacting me (if that's possible there) or give him a small dose of the truth. I'll tell him to stop using me as a shield and excuse, and to grow up. It's such a shame he can't accept that this bickering is all his fault. When or if he returns, it'll take a hell of a long time for me to forgive him for this massive waste of time he's caused us.

      About the PS: I think that would be an excellent idea. c: Btw guys, I've got a new fanfic story set after Rio 2; 'The Outcast', and Bia's the main character. It's got quite a bit of attention; it's been there for less than two or so weeks and already it's got over 3000 views. Guess I have the skills for an author afterall!

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    • I am sooooo jealous! I really should get working more seriously on my own story...!

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