Amazonian wood

Amazonian wood

Marbled Wood Quail
Background information
Taxonomy Birds
Status Near Threatened
Range Majority of Amazonian South America
Habitat Rainforest
Feathers, fur Dark brown and chestnut colored feathers

The Marbled Wood Quail (Odontophorus gujanensis) is a species of Wood Quail. It lives in the majority of Amazonian South America, in the rainforest. They live in small flocks, and are threatened by deforestation.

In Rio 2, Linda and Tulio return one to the Amazon. Tulio tries to coax it out of it's cage by squawking, causing the quail to label them "freaks." The quail is reunited with it's fellows, and tries to warn Linda and Tulio of an upcoming waterfall. When they fail to comprehend it's warnings, it simply gives up.

Another wood quail is seen auditioning for Nico and Pedro's Carnival show. She sings an operatic number, stopping when she lays an egg.


Marbled Wood Quails are 22–30 cm long, short-tailed, and small in stature. They have dark brown wings, heads and backs, but have a chestnut-colored chest and stomach. They have short crests on their heads, with short beaks. The genders are rather similar in both appearance and size.


Marbled Wood Quails tend to scratch and peck at loose soil, searching for seeds. They also feed on small insects and fallen fruit.


Shy and wary, Marbled Wood Quails live in groups as large as twelve. They run more often than they fly, but when startled they will burst into short, fast-paced flights until they find shelter.



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