Rio (movie) wallpaper - Livraria Blu book store
Livraria Blu
Background information
Type Bookstore
Level N/A
Location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Inhabitants Tulio

Livraria Blu is Linda's second book-selling business, located in Rio de Janeiro. It is a Brazilian version of Blue Macaw Books. On the window are two crossed, blue feathers, which symbolize Blu and Jewel's union.


  • Livraria Blu means "Blu Bookstore" in Portuguese.
  • The bookstore is shown only during the credits of Rio.
  • It's possible that Linda shut down Blue Macaw Books.
  • Considering the work Linda does with Tulio (both at the Blu Bird Sanctuary and their trips to the Amazon), it's possible she has someone else run the store.
  • This is the third place where something is named after Blu in his honor.

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