Linda and Tulio's House
Background information
Type House
Location Blu Bird Sanctuary, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Inhabitants Linda Gunderson, Tulio Monteiro, Fernando, Blu, Jewel, Carla, Bia, and Tiago

Linda and Tulio's House is the home of Linda Gunderson, Tulio Monteiro, and Fernando.

The house was featured in Rio 2, though the only part of it shown on the inside was the kitchen and a part of the living room in the background. Close by is The Birdhouse.

Movie Role

Rio 2

While Linda and Tulio were away in the Amazon searching for the Spix's Macaw Tribe, Blu took the opportunity to occupy the kitchen to make pancakes for his kids as breakfast.

As Bia and Carla were watching the TV, they saw the report of Linda and Tulio's search. The family then decided to help Linda and Tulio on their mission and traveled to the Amazon.


  • This is considered as a cottage to some viewers.
  • The only interior of the house that was shown is the kitchen, although it's highly known that there is one bed each for Linda, Tulio, and Fernando.


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