The Fruit Stand

The Fruit Stand

The Fruit Stand is a place for street commerce where people sell food like fruits and vegetables and sometimes other things.

In the movies


A fruit stand was featured in the first film, it was located in Rio de Janeiro. When Blu and Jewel come with Rafael to find Luiz, they are introduced to Nico and Pedro. They then head off to the Samba Club around that area. They also fight Mauro and the marmosets there.

There is also a deleted scene from the movie that takes place in the fruit stand, with Jewel coaxing Blu into trying some of the fruit there, causing him to go on a massive eating spree, being encouraged by Jewel and Rafael to try the different fruits native to Brazil being sold there.

Rio 2

In the second film, in Manaus, there is a fruit stand where Nigel is kept as a performer for profit, along with Gabi and Charlie. The stand is full of a variety of items from fruits, to hand made baskets, dyes and exotic animals for exposition.


  • There is a deleted scene where Jewel tries to get Blu to eat from the fruit stand.


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