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Milton Nascimento

"Favo de Mel" is a song from Rio 2 by Milton Nascimento. It is the 12th song in Rio 2 Soundtracks Album. It shares the same melody as "Real in Rio" from the first Rio Soundtrack, but in a much sadder tone and with slightly different lyrics. This song plays only for a few seconds when Blu discovers the Amazon being felled by loggers.


Rio 2 Soundtrack - Track 12 - Favo De Mel by Milton Nascimento03:20

Rio 2 Soundtrack - Track 12 - Favo De Mel by Milton Nascimento

Rio 2 OST track 12 - Favo De Mel by Milton Nascimento

Vou levar alegria
Junto carrego o amor
Dia de festa
Salve a floresta
Hoje tem banho de flor
Hoje o dia está lindo
O sol já nos despertou
Canta o amigo
Toca um tambor
Toda a floresta acordou

English version

I come bringing joy
Along, I come carrying love
Party day
Save the forest
Today we have flower bath
Today is a beautiful day
The sun has woken us up
With each friend
Play the drum
The whole forest awoke

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