Background information
Feature films Rio 2
Video games
Voice Andy García
Character information
Species Spix's Macaw
Gender Male
Alias Pop-pop (r. by Carla, Bia, and Tiago)
Old pop-pop (r. by Blu)
Sir (r. by Blu)
Dad (r. by Jewel)
Daddy (r. by Jewel)
Old Eddie (r. by Felipe)
Eddie (r. by Felipe)
The bird (r. by Roberto)
Old bird (r. by Blu)
Wise bird (r. by Blu)
Old nut job (r. by Blu)
Feather/Hair/Skin color Cerulean body
Gray beak
Eyes Green
Friends Blu (son-in-law)
Jewel (daughter)
Bia (granddaughter)
Carla (granddaughter)
Tiago (grandson)
Mimi (older sister)
Enemies Felipe (formerly)
Big Boss
Fate Living
Likes The Wild


Dislikes Loggers

Fanny Packs (formerly), Smugglers

Quote "You can call me 'sir.'"

Eduardo is Jewel's father who appears in Rio 2. He has an older sister named Mimi, and once lost his daughter to loggers. He is reunited with her once again, but is unimpressed with her mate, Blu. He is also the patriarch of the remaining Spix's Macaw clan, all of whom have been hiding in the Amazon Forest.


Eduardo is first seen when Blu's box of breath mints is accidentally sent flying into his talon (upon Blu administering the Heimlich maneuver to the blue macaw who was choking on it). Upon seeing the human object, he approaches Blu with suspicion and hostility, asking who he is and where he came from. Jewel rushes over to defend Blu, telling Eduardo to back off, but then they recognize each other. Both are shocked, and the cause of their separation is revealed; loggers came, starting a fire which split Jewel from the tribe. Jewel then hugs her father, and he remarks on how much she looks like her mother. Jewel then introduces Blu and Eduardo hugs him, which Blu finds awkward. When Carla asks Jewel if she is okay, Eduardo realizes he is a grandfather. Jewel introduces Carla, Bia, and Tiago, and Eduardo tells them to call him "pop-pop." As he enthusiastically hugs them, he tells Blu to call him "sir" after Blu calls him that.

Eduardo flies with the family, announcing to the tribe that his daughter has returned. Eduardo introduces Blu to Mimi, accidentally calling Blu "Sue." Roberto is introduced, and tells Blu and Jewel that Eduardo taught him everything he knows. As the tribe celebrates Jewel's return, Eduardo dances with her, Mimi, Roberto and his new grandchildren. Later, he derails Nico and Pedro's plans to bring some of the tribe back to Rio de Janeiro with them, informing them that the tribe members are not permitted to leave the jungle. He also takes away Nico's bottlecap hat, as the object is "human."

The next morning, Eduardo decides to show Blu around the area. He disapproves of him, as Blu has gotten up rather late. He is even more disappointed when he sees Blu's fanny pack, a human object. Eduardo then teaches Blu "the basics of jungle survival," showing him how to survive in the Amazon, including using mud as camouflage, flying backwards, how to get out of a trap, and also how to open Brazil nuts (all of which do not go especially well). When Felipe and some of his red macaw tribe appears, he teases Eduardo, who retorts that he is rather close to the boundary between their two tribes. Shortly after he leaves, humans appear. Eduardo immediately hides, fearful of them. Eduardo then learns that Blu was once a pet, and he is both disappointed and angry, ending their lesson abruptly.

Eduardo later tells Roberto about Blu, voicing his disapproval, and warns him to be more vigilant on patrols. After Blu reveals that he accidentally provoked Felipe and the red macaws by trespassing in their territory, Eduardo is furious. He is even more angry when he learns that Felipe has challenged them to a soccer match, the winner gaining control over the entire Brazil nut grove. He tells Roberto to prepare, sending him to the Pit of Doom with a team.

In the Pit of Doom, Blu (believing it is physical combat) tries to talk to Eduardo, who irritably tells him to watch. Blu then realizes that it is a game, but Eduardo tells him that it is war. After Blu asks what position he is, Eduardo assigns him to the embarrassing job of being the one who simply gives the soccer team water. After one of the team members is injured, Eduardo sends a bedraggled old macaw to take his place, but he falls off the side of the pit, and Blu has to take his place instead. As the game continues, Eduardo tells Blu to pass the ball to Roberto, but Blu accidentally kicks the ball into the wrong net, losing the game for the team. Eduardo is furious and devastated, threatening to kill Blu. Felipe then mocks Eduardo, to his further frustration. When Blu flies down to him, Eduardo angrily declares that he "shouldn't have expected more from a human's pet" and flies away.

When Roberto tells the tribe about the Loggers, adding that Blu is with them, Eduardo calls Blu a traitor. After Roberto tells him otherwise, he begins to evacuate the tribe. Jewel, however, refuses to leave without Blu. Blu then appears, and tells Eduardo that with his knowledge of humans and Eduardo's knowledge of the jungle, they can defeat the loggers and save their home. Eduardo then decides to fight against the loggers, and the tribe launches an attack, which Eduardo allows Blu to lead. During the fight, Eduardo is stunned by a tree harvester. The tree harvester almost kills him, but Linda crashes into it with a bulldozer. Eduardo is almost crushed by the two machines, but he is saved by Tulio. He panics at first, thinking Tulio is like the loggers, but soon realizes Tulio is helping him, and gives him a small smile before taking flight again.

Afterwards, he joins in on the "Amazon Untamed" show. During this time, he gives back Nico's bottle cap and dances with his tribe and family. He is also seen wearing a fanny pack of his own. He joyfully pulls Blu into a one-winged hug, laughing heartily at the same time, indicating that he has finally accepted his son-in-law.


Upon their arrival, Blu and Jewel meet the locals at the Amazon sanctuary, where they discover, to everyone’s shock, especially Jewel’s, that the leader of the lost flock of Blue Macaws is Jewel’s dad, Eduardo.

Eduardo is the intimidating top bird; he’s passionate about his family and his flock, as well as the Amazon and the sanctuary he’s created for his fellow Macaws.

Fiercely protective of his daughter, Eduardo proves to be a major comedic obstacle as Blu's intimidating father-in-law. When Eduardo meets Blu, an overly domesticated Spix's Macaw from Minnesota, he can't help but wonder, "How did this guy ever end up with my daughter?!" He tries to honor his daughter's wishes and welcome Blu into the family (well, sort of), but when his son-in-law's awkward attempts to fit in fail, Eduardo makes it clear that Blu needs to shape up or ship out.

Eduardo is fierce, hates being embarrassed, and isn't afraid to show his opinion. He is protective, not easily impressed, and is suspicious and hostile around strangers. He is stern, easily annoyed, not afraid of a fight, and he can have little patience and a short and ferocious temper. Eduardo does have a softer side, however; he loves his family dearly, jokes with Roberto, and plays with his grandchildren. He even has enough patience to try and help his son-in-law adapt to the wild, although it doesn't go well.

Like most macaws, Eduardo has a strong mistrust towards humans because of their destructive activities in the rainforest, both deforestation and smuggling, losing his wife, and being separated from his daughter. Like his daughter, who she got it from, he cherishes freedom. Because of his hatefulness towards them, he refuses to have any macaws of his tribe leave to where humans are to the point of showing disdain that associates with humans, such as taking away Nico's bottle cap and disapproving of Blu's fanny pack. He also holds any macaw in low regards for associating with humans, such as calling Blu a "pet" due to his connection with Linda and his lifestyle in human society, even considering him as a traitor when he thought he was working with the loggers. However, he started to have second thoughts, as Blu's knowledge about humans proved to be an advantage with his knowledge of the jungle, it was there his opinions about them changed when Linda stopped a tree harvester from crushing him, allowing Tulio took him and set him back free. Eduardo's opinions made him accept Blu's domestic habits, giving Nico's bottle cap back, and even shown wearing a fanny pack, possibly hinting he may have developed a few domestic habits himself.


Eduardo's feathers come in different shades; the ones on his back, feathers and head are dark blue, and the ones on his front are paler blue, and he shares Jewel's facial markings. He has a short crest of flattened feathers on the top of his head. His eyes are pale green, which his granddaughter Carla inherited (although hers are significantly brighter in color), and they have bags under them, similar to Nigel's eyes. Eduardo is tall and large for a macaw, taller than Blu.



Eduardo and Jewel were separated by a tragic event, which happened when Jewel was younger. When Eduardo approaches Blu with hostility, Jewel rushes to defend her mate, but then, upon recognizing her father, she ends up hugging him instead. Eduardo is shocked and relieved that his daughter is alive. He loves her very much, and for her sake, he at least tries to welcome Blu into the family. 


Eduardo doesn't think much of the formerly-domesticated Blu, showing little patience for the habits he picked up as a pet. Their first encounter did not go well; Eduardo, not knowing that Blu was his son-in-law, approached him with suspicion and hostility. When Jewel points out that he is her mate, Eduardo hugs Blu, who finds it awkward. When Blu's habits and his human connections become clear, Eduardo becomes much less warm towards him, quickly becoming the disapproving father-in-law. His opinion of Blu deteriorates further when he inadvertently escalates a soccer match between the two macaw tribes, and subsequently loses it for them, to the point where Eduardo screams he is going to kill him. However, at the end of the film, after Blu leads the tribe in defeating the Loggers, Eduardo finally gets used to his son-in-law, gaining a new level of respect for him.

Carla, Bia, and Tiago

Eduardo happily embraces being a grandparent, telling the three kids to call him "pop-pop," and enthusiastically playing with them. When he first learns about his grandchildren, he abruptly stops what he is doing, clearly very delighted and surprised at being a grandparent.


Eduardo treats Roberto like the son he never had, and would greatly prefer it if he were with Jewel instead of Blu. Eduardo jokes a little with Roberto, amusingly saying that he is "the bird," which is surprising for someone with such a fierce personality. It is Roberto that Eduardo airs his grievances about Blu to, and whom he trusts with night patrol and playing in the match against the red macaws.


Eduardo's older sister is the only member of the blue macaw flock who isn't afraid to stand up to him and speak her mind. Although he loves his sister, he is irritated that Mimi doesn't agree with his opinion of Blu.


Eduardo is often mocked and taunted by Felipe, who calls him "old Eddie." Eduardo mostly ignores the insults, instead pointing out that Felipe and his fellow red macaws are getting close to the blue macaws' side. After Blu accidentally wins the soccer match for the red macaws, Felipe mocks him further, with Eduardo barely able to contain his anger. Eduardo is surprised when Felipe and his tribe arrive to help fight the loggers, but accepts their help without question. During "Batucada Familia," several red macaws are seen celebrating alongside the blue macaws, suggesting Eduardo and Felipe have abolished their agreement to keep the tribes separate.

Nico and Pedro

Though they are "city boys," as he calls them, Eduardo has no problem with Nico and Pedro being in the jungle. However, he refuses to let them take any of the blue macaw tribe back to Rio, telling them "nobody leaves the tribe." He also takes away Nico's bottle cap hat, adding "No human things in the jungle." By the end of the movie, however, Eduardo (now having a better opinion of humans) returns it.


Despite not having a interaction with the toucan, Eduardo has no problem with Rafael being in the jungle as well, as Rafael is seen flying with Eduardo, Blu, Jewel, their kids, Pedro and Nico when Eduardo announces that his daughter has returned. Blu later complains to Rafael, Pedro and Nico about Eduardo while Eduardo tells Roberto about Blu. Also, after defeating the loggers, Eduardo and Rafael (along with Nico, Pedro, Mimi, Carla, Bia and Tiago) all do a victory cheer together.


  • Eduardo tells his grandchildren to call him "pop-pop," but when Blu calls him that, he tells him to call him "sir."
  • Like some fathers in films who have married daughters, he is, at first, unimpressed with his son-in-law, Blu.
  • While Jewel lacks Eduardo's appearance, (with the exception of being the same shade of blue as he is) she takes after him in his split personality.
  • He doesn't allow any human items around the tribe, thus taking away Nico's hat and disapproving of Blu's fanny pack.
  • In the last song, "Batucada Familia," he's seen wearing a fanny pack that looks just like Blu's, and he also returns Nico's hat. This may imply his acceptance of Blu and his slightly domestic habits.
  • He gets Blu's name wrong for most of Rio 2, calling him "Stu," "Sue," "Lou," and "Drew." He only called Blu by his name once, correctly.
  • Eduardo can fly backwards, but, in real life, the only birds known to do this are hummingbirds. During their training session, Blu points this fact out to him.


  • Speed
  • Jaw Strength
    • Able to open nuts and break free from being tied up
  • Flying
    • He is quite a fast flyer for his age, with Blu nearly pulling a wing keeping up.
  • Climber
  • Intelligence
    • He can quickly figure out ways to make sure his flock are safe from humans.


  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Leadership
    • He is an excellent leader of his flock, but mostly to Roberto, showing him quite possibly to be the most loyal and perhaps even his second-in-command.
  • Survival Trainer
    • Showing his kind different ways to survive like blending in the mud, getting out of ropes or vines, and others.
  • Flying Backwards
    • Eduardo is seen flying backwards during Blu's training session.


Quotes from Rio 2

  • Eduardo: "What is this doing here?"
  • Eduardo: "What's going on?"
  • Eduardo: "What!, and who are you?"
  • Eduardo: "'Uhh' is not an appropriate answer!"
  • Eduardo: "I asked you a question."
  • Eduardo: "Where did you come from?"
  • Eduardo: "Hey, excuse me young lady!"
  • Eduardo: "How is this...?"
  • Eduardo: "It's okay, it's okay now."
  • Eduardo: "Daddy has you."
  • Eduardo: "Welcome home, Jewel."
  • Eduardo: "You're so beautiful."
  • Eduardo: "Just like your mother."
  • Eduardo: "I'm so sorry I lost you."
  • Eduardo: "I've looked everywhere for you."
  • Eduardo: "I can't imagine you alone, all this time."
  • Eduardo: "I had under my wing and then you were..."
  • Eduardo: "Look at you."
  • Eduardo: "It's my little girl, all grown up."
  • Eduardo: "You brought my daughter back. I thank you."
  • Eduardo: "Tuck that wing away, Stu."
  • Eduardo: "I'm going to hug you now."
  • Eduardo: "I'm a grandpa? I'm a grandpa..."
  • Eduardo: "Look at me, I'm a grandpa!"
  • Eduardo: "There is no sir around here, young lady."
  • Eduardo: "You will call me 'pop-pop'!"
  • Eduardo: "You can call me 'sir.' "
  • Eduardo: "My daughter has returned!"
  • Eduardo: "Everybody out of their nests!"
  • Eduardo: "My daughter is home!"
  • Eduardo: "My Jewel is back!"
  • Eduardo: "Mimi, this is Sue."
  • Eduardo: "There's my wing man."
  • Eduardo: "We can rest easy with Roberto."
  • Eduardo: "You're the bird!"
  • Eduardo: "Pop-Pop! I am your pop-pop!"
  • Eduardo: "Our days in the jungle they start early."
  • Eduardo: "That's my girl see, already up and at 'em."
  • Eduardo: "No one leaves the tribe."
  • Eduardo: "Oh and no human things in the jungle. Understood?"
  • Eduardo: "Come closer...closer...not too close."
  • Eduardo: "Fanny pack...adorable. It's human!
  • Eduardo: "Now that you are joining the tribe, you won't be needing it."
  • Eduardo: "Morning... or should I say, Afternoon?"
  • Eduardo: "Smart girl."
  • Eduardo: "Be quiet."
  • Eduardo: "It's time to shake that city off you."
  • Eduardo: "You need learn the basics of jungle survival."
  • Eduardo: "It's training day."
  • Eduardo: "Come on, the mud is your friend! This is your Camouflage! Feel it, taste it, if you don't feel crusty, you're doing it wrong. "
  • Eduardo: "You don't want to be seen by humans."
  • Eduardo: "Faster! Faster! Come on, you don't want to be eaten!"
  • Eduardo: "Come on! Are you a macaw, or a turkey?"
  • Eduardo: "Up, up!"
  • Eduardo: "You use your beak! It's your most important tool."
  • Eduardo: "You're alone in the jungle."
  • Eduardo: "You get caught in a trap, what do you do?"
  • Eduardo: "Times up, you're jaguar meat."
  • Eduardo: "Roberto got it on the first try."
  • Eduardo: "These trees are the key to our way of life."
  • Eduardo: "Brazil nut trees."
  • Eduardo: "These trees feed us, they sustain us, they-"
  • Eduardo: "Wake up!"
  • Eduardo: "This is important! You have to protect these trees, our future depends on."
  • Eduardo: "Aren't you boys getting little bit to close to our side? We have a deal, Felipe."
  • Eduardo: "They have their side and we have ours."
  • Eduardo: "What's a Linda?"
  • Eduardo: "What?!! You're a pet?!"
  • Eduardo: "You liked it?! Ugh! That explains everything."
  • Eduardo: "Humans aren't family."
  • Eduardo: "We do not bring humans into the tribe!"
  • Eduardo: "That is the only reason we are still alive."
  • Eduardo: "Sightseeing is over."
  • Eduardo: "Never too soon to learn the ways of the jungle, Tiago."
  • Eduardo: "Although some may never learn."
  • Eduardo: "He's got this weird thing about humans."
  • Eduardo: "He loves them!"
  • Eduardo: "He's a pet!"
  • Eduardo: "He's not one of us, Roberto."
  • Eduardo: "Keep an eye on him."
  • Eduardo: "You did what?!"
  • Eduardo: "An accident?!"
  • Eduardo: "Thanks to Drew here, we could lose our entire side of the grove!"
  • Eduardo: "You brought this on us, now watch."
  • Eduardo: "It's not a game! It's war!"
  • Eduardo: "Oh, I have the perfect job for you."
  • Eduardo: "Hey!"
  • Eduardo: "Okay, you're in."
  • Eduardo: "Not you, you."
  • Eduardo: "Alright, get in there."
  • Eduardo: "Pass to Roberto, pass to Roberto!"
  • Eduardo: "I'm gonna kill you, fanny-pack!"
  • Eduardo: "I shouldn't have expected more from a human's pet."
  • Eduardo: "Traitor!"
  • Eduardo: "Let's evacuate."
  • Eduardo: "We're leaving."
  • Eduardo: "Let's go, everyone move out."
  • Eduardo: "You have to go with me, I will not put my family in danger again!"
  • Eduardo: "Lead the way, Blu."
  • Eduardo: "No, no!"
  • Eduardo: "Roberto, we saw humans near the grove, stay alert."

Quotes from Rio 2: The Junior Novel

  • Eduardo: "I always thought my daughter would end up with someone strong. Brave. Confident."
  • Eduardo: "Instead, she ends up with a pet!"
  • Eduardo: "You don't belong here."
  • Eduardo: "My nest, my daughter, my rules."
  • Eduardo: "Stop talking. You've been spending too much time around humans."
  • Eduardo: "Family is family."
  • Eduardo: "How can he protect her?"
  • Eduardo: "He's not strong enough."
  • Eduardo: "I just don't want anything to happen to her."
  • Eduardo: "I can't stand the thought of losing you."
  • Eduardo: "He's not a guy that wants to listen toreason."
  • Eduardo: "Everything had been going perfectly until that...that dimwit!"
  • Eduardo: "Birds of blue feathers..."
  • Eduardo: "Traitor; I knew I couldn't trust any bird raised by a human."
  • Eduardo: "So you were a pet?!"
  • Eduardo: "Right? Not you Drew!"
  • Eduardo: "What's a Linda?"
  • Eduardo: "Mimi, come here."
  • Eduardo: "I want you to meet Sue."
  • Eduardo: "You're tough!"
  • Eduardo: "Here comes one of those wimpy winged birds."
  • Eduardo: "Either you're with us or against us, understood?"
  • Eduardo: "What are you doing?"
  • Eduardo: "Sightseeing is over."
  • Eduardo: "Understood."
  • Eduardo: "No, no, no! I'm going to kill you, fanny-pack! Kill you!"


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