Brazil Nuts are a type of fruit produced by Brazil nut trees, which occur commonly throughout Brazil, and are especially seen around the Amazon river.

Movie Role

Rio 2

Brazil nuts are first introduced in the beginning of Rio 2, when Jewel is seen flying to The Birdhouse with a Brazil nut in her claws. She tries to explain to Blu that it will be their breakfast and that she wants to show their kids how to open one, but is interrupted by Tiago opening a can of Brazil nuts, claiming that "Dad already showed us!".

Brazil nuts play a key role in the movie's plot. They are part of the Spix's Macaw Tribe's and Red Macaw Tribe's main diets, and Eduardo is very protective of them. Blu later tries to find a Brazil nut for Jewel to impress her, only to cause "war" with the Red Macaws (actually sky soccer with Brazil nuts), which eventually leads to the Spix's Macaws losing their side of the grove (due to Blu accidentally scoring for the wrong side). When the loggers attempt to cut down the grove, the two tribes unite to stop them, even launching Brazil nuts as projectiles at one point.


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  • In real life, Brazil nuts are too hard for the Spix's macaw to open.

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