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Blue Sky Studios is a Connecticut based CGI animation company which produced Rio. It is fully owned by 20th Century Fox.

Linda Gunderson is one of the official mascots of the CGI animation company Blue Sky Animation Studios, the second being Blu around the release of Rio when the company was temporarily renamed "Blu Sky Studios," and the first being Scrat from the Ice Age movies.


Blue Sky Studios was founded in February 1, 1987; 29 years ago, by Michael Ferraro, Carl Ludwig, Alison Brown, David Brown, Chris Wedge and Eugene Troubetzkoy after the company they worked in, MAGI, one of the visual effects studios behind Tron (1982), shut down. During the 90's, the company mainly focused on television commercials such as Chock Full O' Nuts, Mars, Incorporated and United States Marine and visual effects in many movies.

Ice age

Blue Sky Studios merged into 20th Century Fox in 1997. Their first feature movie was Ice Age, which was released by 20th Century Fox in 2002. It has since then been solely focused on animated features.

Blue Sky Studios have made countless animated films. Robots, March 11, 2005 when first featured grossed 260 million, (Metarcritic). A site that reviews the latest movies gave it a high 64%.

The Peanuts movie was Blue Sky Studios most critically acclaimed filmed reeling in over 87% by Metacritic. It is ranked 69/100 on Rotten Tomatoes.

For 20th Century Fox's 75th anniversary, Blue Sky did a new 20th Century Fox logo



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