Blu Bird Sanctuary logo
Blu Bird Sanctuary
Background information
Type Sanctuary
Location Rio de Janeiro
Inhabitants Linda Gunderson, Tulio Monteiro, Fernando, Blu (formerly), Jewel (formerly), Bia(formerly), Carla(formerly), and Tiago (formerly).

The Blu Bird Sanctuary is a fictional bird sanctuary in Rio de Janeiro. Named in honor of Blu, the sanctuary was organized by Linda, Tulio, and Fernando in order to protect the Tijuca Forest in Rio de Janeiro from smugglers, and to protect Blu, Jewel, and their family. It is named in honor of Blu. The sanctuary is where Tulio releases Jewel after her recovery of her wing at the end of Rio.

In Rio 2, the sanctuary is the Spix Macaw Family's home, where their birdhouse is located. It is also where Linda and Tulio's House is. A slightly different logo is seen on a helicopter belonging to the sanctuary.


  • This is the second place named after Blu's honor, the first being Blue Macaw Books.


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