Fanny pack

Blu's fanny pack

Blu's Fanny Pack is an object from Rio 2. It is full of various human artifacts and tools, and seen throughout the movie.

Role in Rio 2

Blu takes the pack with him to the Amazon. Inside the pack are:

  • a GPS navigator
  • an All-in-one Adventurer's Knife
  • an electric toothbrush
  • a roll of toilet paper  
  • a torch
  • a whistle
  • bug spray
  • a compressible plastic drinking cup
  • a box of breath mints
  • a flathead screwdriver
  • a pen
  • a band aid (only mentioned by Blu)
  • a water purifier (only mentioned by Blu)
  • a smart phone (as seen in the "Silence Your Cellphones and Use CineMode!" promo)
Pen in the fannypack

2 of the monkey trio playing with items inside the fanny pack.

Rio 2 monkeys
Eduardo, who despised everything about humans, disliked its presence around his tribe. Blu was ordered to take it off before his training on the basic jungle survival skills. Later on, it was stolen by a trio of monkeys, who took out all the items inside and played with them. Quickly, Blu managed to get it back. Coincidentally, the chase had led him to a Brazil nut, which he has been searching for desperately and planned to bring back to Jewel. He took his fanny pack off once again, willingly this time, while playing air soccer against the Red Macaw Tribe at the Pit of Doom. At the very end of the movie, Eduardo was seen wearing a similar fanny pack himself.


  • The term "fanny pack" was first mentioned by Jewel. Speaking to I'm with Geek, Carlos Saldanha said that the filmmakers recorded both it and "bum bag" for European audiences due to not having the same meaning.[1]
  • Presumably, Bia's Amazonia pop-up booklet and Carla's iPod were also put inside the bag during flights.
  • It reflects how domesticated or humanized Blu is and how he lives like a human being.
  • According to Blu, the fanny pack was given to him by Linda.
  • At the end of Rio 2, Eduardo was seen wearing a fanny pack. It's possible that it was given to him by Linda as well. It also symbolizes his acceptance of humans and their ways.


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