• Bloodprince8910

    @Riodreamer3 well at least Blu and Jewel can spend some alone time together while Jewel's wing healing in 4 weeks, right? i've wonder what they do during their time?

    T@Riodreamer3 i wasn't saying anything about them kissing all the time, but i fiqure it out though what you're saying while Jewel's wing healing for 2-4 weeks, they have loads of conversations, talk about their past, share hugs, share few kisses, Jewel helping him getting used to the Jungle and Blu helping her getting used to humans, alot of those things got them grow closer and closer to each other, now i finally got thanks Riodreamer3.

    P.S you're a very goood person to have a conversation with.

    1 day ago by A Wikia contributor

    he comment below asked me the same question, I assum…

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  • Travzilla22

    What will be the names of Blu and Jewel's Children?

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  • MrAssassin

    Hey guys, I left here a while ago to do some things with my career (I'm a director), well I'm back from california and I'm ready to have a chat or have a party, RIO STYLE. I see some new faces here and just to say..."DAMN! i used to be ranked 3rd and now i'm 9th in the achievment boards".

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  • Lady Blue

    Due to all the comments by spammers, trolls and vandals, I've removed the option to comment on articles, so all editors will have to click the "discussion" link at the header of pages if they want to say something, but read before posting. The same rules will still apply. Don't forget that you can still be blocked for the reasons mentioned there. Just because the discussion format is different doesn't mena you can't be blocked.

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  • Lady Blue

    Since people have been wondering so much about why I am always deleting comments on articles, and I have removed this option, users can only use the talk page of articles (i.e. Talk:Jewel), the rules set up at Ice Age Wiki apply here when it comes to talk pages. The purpose of these is NOT to discuss the characters, state opinions, etc. but rather talk about ways to improve the article. So, for now on, these are the guidelines of the talk pages.

    1. No spam (posting useless links)
    2. No profanity
    3. No going off subject from what the article is about (like talking about Madagascar when your on the article about Rio)
    4. No sharing opinions or thoughts out characters (such as I hate XXXX characters, etc.)
    5. No links to adult sites or images. This will get you bann…
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  • Jon825lazery7

    Alias Names

    April 17, 2012 by Jon825lazery7

    I have some questions about the alias names. Answered them in the talk page below.

    1.Who called Blu and Jewel by their alias names? Blu:"One of a kind" and Jewel:"Gem of the forest"?

    2.Was it true Nigel called Jewel "princess" or was that Pedro and Nico made up on how Nigel kidnapped Jewel?

    3.Do any other characters have alias names and who called them by it such as Nico, Pedro, Eva, and/or Luiz?

    4.Does it count on Rafael said "that's my boy" on how Blu messed it up making the move on Jewel? The word "boy"?

    5.Does Nigel have any alias names that goes for the smugglers and Mauro?

    6.Does Linda, Tulio, or Fernando have any alias names?

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  • Blu'sbrother

    Happy Rio Anniversary my friends! What did you do for the anniversary! I saw Rio again! This is the 176th time.



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  • Bloodprince8910

    For Lady Blue

    April 6, 2012 by Bloodprince8910

    For the first question no, I'm not people keep thinking I'm related to him.I know until know that your not to have more than one account, and I just have one. And I totally agree with you, and it's Ok to be strict, but for the most part I'm not and if I could leave a message I would but I can't.

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  • Bloodprince8910

    Hi to everyone!

    April 4, 2012 by Bloodprince8910

    Um I'm new here and I thank Lady Blue for welcoming me to a heaven and I thank you.

    Hopefully all of us can watch Rio 2 and enjoy it.

    So Hi!

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  • LordSillyBottom


    February 23, 2012 by LordSillyBottom

    Who's in charge of this wiki?

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