• Mario and Rio Fan

    Perhaps The Baby Macaws page should be deleted because they are in fact just earlier depictions of Blu and Jewel's kids in the second movie. So I'm not sure why it's still there.

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  • Spixmacaw101

    Everyone needs to know that you need to make a certain amount of edits in order to be autoconfirmed, not be granted.

    I changed the template. If you disagee do NOT change the template unless you ask me. Changing without asking will lead to a 3 day block (possibly longer if continuous).

    In fact here's a link to prove that you only need to be here for 4 days:

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  • Nigel flylikeabird3

    just watched the trailer for the movie, n saw some macaws in it ?    

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  • Spixmacaw101

    I have a new Rio 3 story on fanfiction! I hope you like my story!

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  • Spixmacaw101

    My activity

    March 12, 2017 by Spixmacaw101

    I try to be as active as I can, but from time to time, things get in my way.

    1. I might be sick

    2. I might be grounded from computers

    3. I might be at a boarding school (I don't think it will happen again)

    4. Something is wrong with my computer or phone

    P.s I am back after that computer crash, it was fixed earlier than expected 3/11/17


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  • Lordofduel

    Hi everyone!

    I'm writing this because I was very excited when I read this.

    20th Century Fox has announced that it is teaming up with developer Plarium to bring the Academy Award-nominated Rio franchise to fans worldwide on Android and iOS mobile devices with Rio: Match 3 Party.

    Could this be Rio's comeback?

    Rick Phillips, EVP of Fox Interactive said:

    “Blu is back. We’re excited to embark on this new Rio adventure with our trusted partners at Plarium. This new game promises to create a fun twist on puzzle games with the vivid colors and characters of Rio.”

    Avi Shalel, CEO at Plarium commented:

    “Through our partnership with Fox, we’re bringing a beloved animated franchise to all the fans around the globe in a completely new and compelling way. The …

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  • Lordofduel

    Rio Carnival Begins Today

    February 25, 2017 by Lordofduel

    Hi everyone.

    I write this to inform you that the famous Rio Carnival begins this Friday. If you want to watch it you can visit this page:

    The event starts at 23:00 Rio Time from Friday to Sunday..


    |200px]](talk) 02:14, February 25, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Spixmacaw101

    Last year, we had a competition about Blu's parents. What will it this year? You can give other suggestions. But some ideas include:

    • Clay models of Blu and Jewel
    • Teenage version of Tiago Bia and Carla
    • Painting of setting of Rio 3

    We can start whenever we are ready. This is just a rough draft.

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  • TheSitcomLover

    R.I.P. Miguel Ferrer

    January 20, 2017 by TheSitcomLover

    I just found out yesterday that the voice of Shan Yu from Mulan and Big Boss from Rio 2 Miguel Ferrer died in his L.A. home at age 61 due to throat cancer.

    Rest in peace.

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  • Lordofduel

    Hi Everyone, Happy New Year! My best wishes for everyone.

    This time I want to mention something I noticed last night. Some of you remember that on December 31th 2013 Rio 2 was the host for the celebration at Copacabana. This in order to promote Rio 2 hitting theaters in 2014. We were able to listent to songs like What is Love, O' Vida, Beautiful Creatures, Real in Rio, Poisonous Love, I will survive and part of the movie Score.

    That was epic for all Rio fans.

    This blog is to inform that last night I watched the New Year Celebration at Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro and I was glad to hear some of the songs we all already know.

    Yes, some songs from the Rio franchise were part of the firework show last night at Copacabana during the 2017 Réveillon …

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