Background information
Feature films Rio
Video games
Voice Jeffrey Garcia
Character information
Species Little White-shouldered Bat
Gender Male
Feather/Hair/Skin color Gray body
Eyes Brown
Friends Blu
Enemies The Smugglers
Fate Living
Quote "I was framed! They got the wrong guy!"
"Aah! The light!"

Bat is a Little White-shouldered Bat that had been captured by the smugglers. He was first seen when Fernando brought Blu and Jewel to the smugglers' den. He was again seen near the end of the movie, when Blu and Jewel freed all the birds from the smugglers' plane. Despite being afraid of the light, the bat eventually joined the birds to escape from the plane for good. His manner of speak is with an English accent, typically associated to that of a vampire. He is also notable for being the only animal to be captured who is not a type a bird. He is voiced by Jeffrey Garcia, who also voices Tipa.


Bat is mainly grey bodied with brown eyes, large pink ears, and pink feet.


Bat is always telling everyone that he was framed and the smugglers got the wrong guy. He is also afraid of light, but joined the birds for freedom.


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