Background information
Feature films
Novelization Rio: Snakes Alive!
Video games
Voice mute
Character information
Species Bat
Gender Male
Feather/Hair/Skin color Brown hair
Eyes Orange
Friends Blu
Enemies Ssssalbatore
Fate Living
Quote Jeffrey! My favorite stick! My best friend!

Basil is a baby bat who appears in Rio: Snakes Alive!



Basil with "Jeffrey".

Basil is first seen sleeping in a tree hollow. As Blu stops for a rest, he is scared by Basil, and yelps. Blu's yelp frightens Basil, who drops his stick, "Jeffrey." Heartbroken over the loss of his best friend, Basil starts crying. His cries draw the rest of his family, and he tells them how the blue birds made him lose Jeffrey. Believing Jeffrey to be another bat, the family go after Blu and Jewel.

Bia, Carla, and Tiago come across Basil a short while later, and Bia comments on how rare his species seems to be. Still crying, Basil tells them how he lost Jeffrey, and that he can't find him because the daylight is too bright for his eyes. Tiago finds Jeffrey and brings him back to Basil. The chicks then introduce themselves to Basil, who reveals that the other bats have gone after their parents. Basil and the chicks find the bat colony, and Basil explains that Jeffrey is just a stick, putting a stop to their antagonism towards Blu and Jewel.

At the end of the story, Jeffrey and his family take roost inside the Pedra de Gavea. There, Tulio discovers that the bats are actually an undiscovered species, and that by studying them, they should make plenty of money, saving the Blu Bird Sanctuary.

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