Blu about to cut a Brazil nut with his knife.

The All-in-one Adventurer's Knife is an object from Rio 2. It is one of the items that Blu put in his fanny pack.

Role in Rio 2


Blu taking his knife back from his son


Blu pointing the spork at Rafael

Throughout the film, this portable Swiss army knife was seen occasionally. The first time the knife was seen was when Tiago pulled it out from his dad's fanny pack. Realizing how dangerous it was to his son, Blu immediately retrieved it from Tiago's possession and put it away.

This item was used for the first time when Blu was abruptly snatched by a camouflaged Spix's macaw who had, in fact, relocated him to the Spix's macaw tribe. Once he was on his feet again, Blu pulled out the knife's "spork" and pointed it toward the camouflaged macaw and said "Be afraid! Be very afraid!". He met Rafael and the rest of his family by surprise and decided to lower his guard after seeing no danger or harm around him. Finally, the knife was put back into Blu's fanny pack.

Later, Blu used it to try to cut a Brazil nut from a tree branch. He tried a couple of tools, including a pair of scissors, the spork and a knife in order to cut it from the branch. He was forced to resort to using his beak, which also failed.

During the decisive battle against the loggers, Blu, helped by his son and his father-in-law, Eduardo, used the knife to open the side of a bulldozer and stuffed in a twig, causing the engine to malfunction.


Amazon or Bust. I'll be in charge of this

Tiago pulling out all the tools

These are the all tools from the All-in-one Adventurer's knife that were seen in the movie.

  • a magnifying glass
  • a pair of scissors
  • a knife
  • a spork
  • a rasp
  • a saw
  • a corkscrew


  • The All-in-one Adventurer's knife has been featured in one of Rio 2's promotional posters, weaponized by Tiago.
    Rio 2 on in the Amazon Poster

    Tiago pointing the spork at the antagonists

  • In Rio 2: The Junior Novel, the knife does not actually feature a knife among its implements.


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